What is PracTrak?

A mobile application that runs on the Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch 3GS or higher that runs iOS 4.2 or higher and supports patient tracking and automated billing of patients for professional practices that use a daily rate and monthly billing cycle.

How does it work?

It utilizes the iPhone Address book for patient information and stores all daily patient records and invoice information in a local (on phone) database-thus providing a secure tracking and invoicing system in your pocket! To create and send invoices or reports to patients or the practitioner PracTrak utilizes PDF and email capabilities of the iPhone.

Does PracTrak support foreign currency or language?

PracTrak supports international currencies and is oriented around one home country currency (no conversions or multiple currencies). PracTrak localizes dates, currency, and patient names so invoices are printable in non-English languages but screens have not been localized out of English.

How does it interact with my address book? What if my address book changes a lot or I get a 'lost contact' message in PracTrak?

It keeps links to contacts in your Apple address book on the iPhone or iPad. Adding new contacts is just fine with PracTrak, it can use those as patients, but if you change devices you may need to resync PracTrak and the address book. This is accomplished in PracTrak with the command available in the Settings application on the iPhone or iPad. Go to the PracTrak settings within the Settings application and set to ON. Take PracTrak out of active memory and restart it. All contacts will be re-synchronized on start up.