PracTrak from Ray of Light Software

New 3.3.2 Upgrade available! PracTrak provides easy mobile patient tracking and automated invoicing for professional practices.

"I love this app. Whether it's making patient lists, billing or payments, it's all done easily and quickly and then saved for future reference. The first month I used it, it cut my billing time by over 50%. It also makes it easy to use email billing which saves time and money." --Christian Science Practitioner

"As a Christian Science practitioner, and having beta-tested and used this wonderful app, I think this will be of great use to any Christian Science practitioner with an iPhone. The highlights for me: 1) It saves me half the time I used to take creating and emailing invoices. 2) It tracks with ease daily notes, treatments, and patients. 3) Keeps everything completely confidential and ALL my work goes where I go." --Christian Science Practitioner

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